A “Go To” Shot

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Getting Through An Off Day – Develop a Go-To Shot

Everyone who plays the game of golf will have days where their game seems to have left them.  The key to getting through those days is to have a shot you can rely on no matter what your swing is like on any given day.  Let’s call it your go-to shot!

My recommendation for approach shots is a low spin/low trajectory shot.  It is a shot that can keep your round going even when the regular swing is off form in a number of course conditions.  To hit the lower trajectory shot (right-handed golfer) you will put 60-70 percent of your weight on your left side with the ball positioned center to slightly right-of-center in your stance.  The swing adjustment to help reduce spin is to make a three-quarter length backswing.  This combination allows for good compression of the ball with a club path that is more likely to approach the ball from the proper arc.  The reduction in spin will also help with controlling the curvature of the ball.  With these variables in place you will make a swing that hits more consistent shots.  Ultimately, that will get your confidence going and will create more opportunities to score on the days where your swing is off.

The next time you go to the practice tee try to spend part of your time creating a shot that you can rely on no matter what.  Play with certain set-up variables(ball position, weight distribution, clubface angle) until you find a good combination that creates consistent shots to get you around the course the next time your swing is off.  If you would like additional help in creating your “go-to” shot please see your local PGA Professional for further help.  That will be time well spent in making you a better player!


Bryan Zell - PGA Teaching Professional

Bryan Zell, Westfields Golf Club Lead Instructor, joined Westfields’ professional staff in 1999 after caddying on the LPGA Tour.  He is a graduate of George Mason University and played competitive college golf for the George Mason Patriots from 1994-1998.

In 2003 Bryan earned his PGA Class “A” membership and won the distinguished Acushnet PGA Apprentice Scholarship.  This award is given to the golf professional with the highest marks in the Golf Professional Training Program graduating class of the Middle Atlantic Section.

Bryan’s passion to help others play golf better comes from his own experiences with golf instruction as a junior and college player.  He has attended numerous national and local PGA Teaching seminars in his continuous ambition to be the best and learned first hand from PGA instructors Mike Bender, Hank Haney, and Kirk Lucas.

Bryan has coached players that have won tournaments at the Junior, College, and Amateur level.  His patient demeanor coupled with his attention to detail and desire to help every student improve ensures a high level of instruction.  Bryan prides himself on the fact that he is always learning and continuously striving to become a better instructor.

He can be contacted at bzell@pga.com.


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