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I recently had the opportunity to hang out with Adam Ochs (pronounced like – Oaks) at Brambleton Golf Course.  Adam is a junior at Briar Woods High School in Ashburn, VA where he competes on the Falcons golf team.  He also competes in junior golf on the regional and national level.  Adam’s current USGA Index is a +1.

His best national tournament to date is a 2nd place finish in an FCWT event where he competed at the Ace Club in Lafayette, PA.   Adam had a pretty good summer run this year.  He qualified for the VSGA Junior Championship shooting a 69 at River Creek in Leesburg, VA.   At the Championship, held at the Roanoke Country Club in Roanoke, VA, he posted scores of 75, 72, 77 (224) to finish 35th out of 88 competitors.  In the Junior PGA Championship qualifier, held at Laurel Hill Golf Course in Lorton, VA, he tied for first, posting rounds of 68 and 72.  Disappointingly, he was defeated in a playoff on the 2nd hole.   At the Bobby Bowers Tournament, held at Springfield Country Club in Springfield, VA, his stroke-play round of 72 was good enough for the fourth seed moving into the match play rounds.  Adam made it to the Quarter Finals of that event.

He tells me that colleges have begun showing an interest in him and he is looking forward to the recruiting process.

After hanging out with him on the practice range and putting green – I sat down with him for a Spotlight Interview.  Here is what he had to say.

Adam, first, thanks for letting me come out and watch you practice , check out your game and taking the time now to sit down and talk a little bit.

Sure.  This is fun.  Thanks for coming out and doing this interview.

First, tell us how you got started in golf.

Well, I was about 11 1/2 when my mom got me started.  At the time,  I was also playing football and basketball.  My mom and I would go out and play golf in good weather and I finally got to the point where I was too good for her (laughing).  In 8th grade is when I really started to focus more on golf.  I stopped the other sports and started to really focus on golf.

Right now, what do you think is the strongest part of your game?

No doubt, it’s 10-foot putts.  That and accuracy off the tee.  I end up in the fairway a lot.  That really helps.

When did you first break 70?

I first broke seventy during team tryouts my freshman year.  It was here at Brambleton.  I shot 69.  That same year I shot 66 that included a double on the first hole.

Have you made any hole-in-ones?

I have one.  It was at Fairfax National this past spring during a CAGT tournament.  You were there, right?

Yes, that’s right, I was there.  In fact, we did a little article on it.  You can read about it here.

Today I noticed you went right to the putting green to begin practice.  What I saw today, is that your normal practice routine?

That’s pretty much it.  Except I will hit the pitching and chipping area after this.  I broke it up to do the interview.  My normal routine is to putt for about an hour.  I mostly do 10-footers and lag putts from different places on the green.

You drained quite a few 10 and 15 footers.  Obviously the routine helps.

Yeah, that’s why I say 10-foot putts are one of my strong points.  I’m real confident anywhere inside 10 feet.  And lags usually get close unless I totally misread the green.  Which has been known to happen (laughing again).

Ok, after putting where do you go?

Usually, I go to the pitching and chipping area and work on that.  I spend much more time putting and chipping and pitching than I do on the driving range.  I’ve learned that it’s there where you score and save strokes.  After about 45 minutes or so I move to the driving range and hit two buckets of balls.  On the range, I work on different shots and just look for consistency in striking the ball.

Does this routine change any if you have a tournament coming up?

It’s no different, really.  I try to stay consistent and keep it the same.

Since we all hit an occasional bad shot, what do you do after playing one to help keep you in the game?

I just start thinking about the next shot.  I don’t worry about it.  Nothing special.  I just move on to the next shot.

Every golfer in the DC Metro area knows that living here can create a difficult situation in the winter months.  Especially this past winter where we had several feet of snow on the ground for an extended time.  What do you do during the winter months to keep your game sharp?

I pretty much take the winter off from golf.  I will putt in our basement.  If I happen to get in a tournament somewhere during the winter, I will try and get out to the course as much as I can.  But, I wrestle for the school team and I mostly focus on that during the winter.

You wrestle?  That’s probably a great way to stay in shape and get stronger physically.

Yeah, no doubt it makes you stronger.  I haven’t been wrestling long.  My brother got me into it.  I remember him taking me to a practice once, a few years ago, and I thought there is no way I am doing that.  But, I’m on the team and I like it.  It’s a great way to stay in shape.

Do you work with an instructor?

I work with Tom Buckley here at Brambleton.  He’s a great guy and has helped me out in all parts of my game.

Do you seem him regularly?

No.  I wouldn’t call it regular.  I go and see him when I think I need to work on something.  You know, I see that I am losing some of my consistency or something like that.  He knows my swing and my game well enough to fix whatever it is I’m doing.  Mostly, quick tips and stuff.

So how is your high school team looking this year?Adam Ochs - Briar Woods High School

The best way to describe it is “rebuilding.” We have five juniors, four sophomores and three freshman.  So, we will get better over the next couple of years.  Last year, we finished 3rd in the Regional.

How did you do as an individual?

I finished 6th in the Regional.  I missed going to States by a playoff.

Maybe this year?

I hope so.  I’d like to see our team do well, also.

Ok, what bit of advice would you give to younger players looking to compete in junior golf or high school golf?

Practice and practice some more.  I would say get dedicated to the game.  Set a goal and get dedicated.  Also, get tournament experience.

Adam, again, thanks for your time.  Good luck the rest of the way this year.  Now I have some questions that help our readers get to know you a little better.

I appreciate it. Thanks again for doing this.  It’s been fun.

Get to know “Adam”

Most played song on your iPod – Anything by Eminem

Favorite school subject – Math

Favorite hobby other than golf – Working out

Favorite food – Pasta

Ball marker – Poker chip

Brothers? Sisters? An older brother Ethan and twin older sisters, Gabrielle and Desiree.

Favorite golfer – Toss up between Adam Scott and Phil

Favorite movie – “Greatest Game Ever Played”

Favorite golf course you have played – TPC Sawgrass

Golf course you have never played but want to – No doubt, Augusta.

Ideal Golf Foursome – Tiger, John Daly, my coach Tom Buckley and me.

Favorite TV Show – At the moment, Jersey Shore.

Any pets? – We have four dogs – two Chihuahas, a Pomeranian, and a King Charles Spaniel.  We also have a Macaw.

Favorite non-golf athlete – Probably Lebron James.

Favorite club in the bag – My 8-iron

College golf plans – I want to play D1.  Everybody probably does.  But that’s my plan.


Driver – Titleist 909

Fairway woods – Titleist 904

Irons – Titleist ZM Forged Blades

Wedges – Taylormade 56 degree; Vokeys 52 and 60

Putter – Ping Redwood

Ball – Pro V1x

Special Ball Marking – Silver line over the printed “arrow” line


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  1. Dulles District Sports Fan on September 24th, 2010 1:56 am

    Solid family, Adams older brother Ethan, was also a good athlete.

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