Winter Instruction, Fernando Martinez

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While browsing through Washington Golf (Shirlington, VA) recently, we discovered that Fernando Martinez, a PGA Teaching Professional, has indoor space at the store and is providing lessons there through the winter.  There is a sufficient area for full swing instruction.  Fernando says, “Now is the best time to work on mechanics and your game in general.  That way, come spring, you are already in playing form.”

Fernando tells us that he utilizes some of the latest technology available, such as the Vector Launch Monitor, V1 Pro video capture and the K-Vest.  The launch monitor is a sophisticated device that measures ball speed, distance, direction and other helpful parameters, particularly in an indoor environment.  The video capture system is touted as the best technology on the market that greatly assists the instructor and the student with seeing and analyzing the swing in minute movements.  The K-Vest is, as the name implies, a vest that contains wireless sensors capable of providing 3D animation of a student’s swing.  It allows the instructor to measure the kinematic sequence of the golf swing.   The efficiency of each part of the swing sequence is displayed in 3D animation and graphically represented.  The instructor then uses this information to help the student develop a more efficient swing to improve accuracy and power.  We’ve seen the vest in use at another facility and it is a real neat piece of equipment.

Fernando also tells us that a full physical fitness evaluation as it relates to golf can be conducted on request.  Based on the evaluation, up to 24 exercises can be prescribed to strengthen identified weaknesses.

During the spring, summer and fall seasons Fernando teaches at Pohick Bay Golf Course in Lorton, VA.  He has a website,  .   To set up a lesson with Fernando at Washington Golf, you can email him at or call him at 703-624-8389.

Fernando Martinez


3 Responses to “Winter Instruction, Fernando Martinez”

  1. john carpineta on April 14th, 2011 8:08 pm

    hey Fernando…I knew your going to be one of the best when we were in school together i still have your titleist One iron and am anxious to see ya again. funny we both have a winter “hangout” for teaching . Some of my fondest memories of GPTP were the encouragment we gave to each other in what folks will never know as to the difficulty of the program will close for now and if by chance this comment should go to your boss or editor advised Fernando is a one of a kind fellow and PGAPRO.. your school buddy johnny c ps look for my first art. in a magazine called Golf Almanac next issue hosta la vego jc

  2. john carpineta on April 14th, 2011 8:20 pm

    Nando buzz me johnny c at

  3. Mike Garth on April 15th, 2011 8:01 am

    Hi John – Thanks for the comments. Fernando can’t be reached directly through this site. I do know that he continues to teach golf at Pohick Bay Golf Course. I’m sure he can be reached through the course at 703-339-8585.

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