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If you have played golf for any period of time, you probably know that there seems to be thousands of training aids out there.  Which ones work, which ones don’t?  That’s a difficult question to answer.  A particular training aid may assist you while the same training aid may not help your regular golf partner.  


The Swingyde is a durable plastic aid that attaches to the shaft of any golf club. The information that comes with the Swingyde indicates it was designed to assist and correct the following:

Reduce Incorrect wrist cocking and encourages correct radial deviation of the wrist
Corrects club face alignment
Improves grip and width and swing arc
Corrects swing plane
Checks completion of backswing
Improve swing tempo
Corrects start of downswing
Improve impact position
Improve follow through and plane

Before you ask, “how can anything possibly do all those things?” keep in mind that many of the areas listed are inter-related and, if practiced, will naturally fall into place. The Swingyde really shines when it comes to getting your wrist set in a proper cocked position. And, from the top, it also “tells” you whether you are maintaining that angle on your downswing. This, of course, creates the lag or angle you need (in other words, not casting) for speed/power through impact. What is really great about this device is the feedback it provides. The “gyde” actually begins to rest on your left forearm (or right forearm for lefties) as you take the club back to almost parallel, all the way to the top of the swing and through parallel on the downswing. As well, it comes to rest on your forearm again as you follow through past parallel on the other side. The greatest part is you receive immediate feedback if you swing incorrectly. That is, the Swingyde is not resting properly on your forearm. It really only takes a few minutes or so of using the device to start “feeling” the proper wrist position.

I start out swinging the club from 9:00 to 3:00 just to get a feel for where things should be and gradually work my way to full swings. As simple as the design is, it is an effective aid. I do want to say that when you receive your Swingyde, give it a chance. When I first opened the package, I thought, “hmmm…not a whole lot to it, hope I didn’t get ripped off.” I think that is the reaction many have – but, once on the range, I became a believer in its value.


A training aid can’t help you if you don’t use it. The Swingyde fits in a golf bag. It’s very portable. You can actually hit golf balls while using it. With that said, you don’t need to hit golf balls to use it and benefit from it. Using it in front of a mirror, in the garage, or in the backyard, you still get the instant feedback. You can use it on any club. It’s a great warm-up tool. It comes with a dvd that has Jim Flick demonstrating its use with recommended drills.

Be careful while attaching it. It uses a wing nut to tighten the device to the club shaft. I found it a little difficult at first attaching it to the club shaft. In fact, the range I was at used large ornamental-type stones between tee boxes. I dropped the wing nut and couldn’t find it because it dropped down into the stones. I had to make a trip to the hardware store to get another one. If you ever have to replace the wing nut, make sure you bring the small bolt with you. And, buy several wing nuts while you are there, just in case. Although you can put the Swingyde on any club, you may find yourself attaching it to one club and leaving it there during your practice session. It just becomes a pain (read: lazy) to move it from club to club. At first, getting the Swingyde set right on the club shaft so it meets your forearm correctly was a little challenging. But, once getting the routine down, it sets up perfectly eveytime.

The Swingyde is available through Golf Around The World. For more information and to order the Swingyde, click on the image above.  Golf Around The World is a “sponsored” link. They have graciously offered a discount for DCMetroJuniorGolf.com readers. When ordering the Swingyde or any product from Golf Around The World through our site, you will receive a 10% discount by entering the word “PRO” in the discount coupon code.


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